Family Programs

Each week at Thanksgiving Point are tons of educational and fun activities for families of all ages and abilities! Our Family Programs include, Tales for Tots, Monday Night Activities, and Design Challenge, just to name a few. All activities are FREE for Thanksgiving Point Members, as they are included with venue admissions.

The programs are always adapting and changing throughout the year so check back often for updates. They are also led by our trained educational team to ensure each person at the activity has a great time learning and playing together as family and friends. Click each drop-down menu below to learn more about these one-of-a-kind educational opportunities at Thanksgiving Point and to see dates, locations, and times for each one. See you soon!

Join us for our hands-on storytelling adventures, Tales for Tots, held each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 11 am. Each day a new story is read followed by a fun activity that goes along with that story.

Monday  (June - October) –Ashton Gardens 
Tuesday – Museum of Ancient Life
Wednesday – Farm Country
Thursday– Museum of Natural Curiosity


Upcoming Schedule:


Museum of Ancient Life 

February 21 | Poppy Pickly by Emma Yarlett
When Poppy is sent upstairs to clean her room, she just can't help imagining, and suddenly . . . her imagination literally comes alive. Soon her room is jam-packed with all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures. 

February 28 | Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
One night Max puts on his wolf suit and makes mischief of one kind or another, so his mother calls him ‘Wild Thing’ and sends him to bed without his supper.  That night a forest begins to grow in Max’s room and an ocean rushes by with a boat to take max to the place where the wild things are.

March 7 | Me Want Pet by Tammy Sauer
Cave Boy has lots of things. Rocks. Sticks. A club. But no pet! Cave Boy decides he must have a pet, but his parents object. He brings home animal after animal in hopes of overcoming his parents’ steadfast resistance, but his attempts are unsuccessful—until he finds a Dodo bird that is literally on the verge of extinction.

March 14 | The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak
You might think a book with no pictures seems boring and serious. Except . . . here’s how books work. Everything written on the page must be said by the person reading it aloud. Even if the words say . . .BLORK. Or BLUURF.

March 21 | Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni
Meet a winning, winsome inchworm, proud of his ability to measure anything under the sun, from a robin's tail to a toucan's beak. When a hungry nightingale threatens to eat him for breakfast unless he can measure her song, the inchworm calls on his craft and skill to creatively solve the dilemma.

March 28 | Who Comes? By Deborah Chandra
As night falls on the African savanna, animals come one by one to quench their thirst at a tranquil water hole. Waterbuck, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe--all dip into the cool, moonlit waters while one creature, golden-eyed, watches. Vivid poetry and stunning watercolor paintings tells an ageless tale of survival in the wild. 


Farm Country 

February 22| Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown
In the barnyard there are roosters and cows, horses and goats, and a pink piglet who is learning to squeal. There are horses and sheep and goats and geese--and a jaunty old scarecrow leaning on his hoe. And they all lived together by the big red barn. 

March 1 | Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? By Dr. Seuss
Mr. Brown is a sound-making wonder! He can hoot like an owl and buzz like a bee. It is so much fun to make noises that you hear every day, like moo and tick-tock. But stranger sounds are fun to make, too . . . like the pip of a goldfish kiss and the grum of a hippo chewing gum.

March 8 | Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems
When a bus driver takes a break from his route, a very unlikely volunteer springs up to take his place-a pigeon! But you've never met one like this before. As he pleads, wheedles, and begs his way through the book, children will love being able to answer back and decide his fate.

March 15 | Equal Schmequal by Virginia Koll
What does it mean to be equal? Mouse and her friends want to play tug-of-war but they can't figure out how to make teams that are equal. Nothing works until Mouse starts thinking mathematically. Wonderful illustrations capture Mouse and her animal friends from whiskers to tails.

March 22 | When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic

Billy's classmates may have never considered careers in snail training or sumo wrestling before, but by the time the exuberant eight-year-old is done cataloging his dream jobs, they just might share his belief in unlimited potential!

March 29 | Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh
What can you make with one oval, two circles, and eight triangles? Just ask three clever mice--who even find a funny way to trick a sneaky cat. Ellen Stoll Walsh once again proves that she’s a master of concept books in this celebration of shapes, color, and innovation.


Museum of Natural Curiosity

February 23 | Dancing Feet! By Lindsey Craig and Mark Brown
Lindsey Craig's rollicking text features funny sound words (Tippity! Creepity! Stompity! Thumpity!), dancing animals, a singsong beat, and a guessing element just easy enough for preschoolers to anticipate. Marc Brown's artwork is bright, textured, and joyful, a collage of simple shapes for kids to find and name..

Bring your tots and enjoy a fun morning of exploring music and movement at the Museum of Natural Curiosity and Farm Country.  Led by our education staff, Melody Makers is the perfect opportunity for little kids to dance and move in a fun and friendly environment.  Included with regular venue admission.

Tuesdays at 11 am: Museum of Natural Curiosity

Thursdays at 11 am: Farm Country



Museum of Natural Curiosity

February 21 | Rhythms and Music
Join us today as we pull out our drumming stations.  It’s fun to create music with various rhythms.  We will listen and play to the beat of music that is either fast, slow, or in between.   Make a water bottle shaker.

February 28th | Imagination
We are exploring movement today. Dance like a ballerina, gallop like a horse, flutter around like a butterfly and pretend to skate on ice. Imagination is a powerful tool, combined with music and dance it opens up a whole new world. Make a key wind chime.

March 7 | What Shape?
Shapes are fun to make with our bodies. Can you curl up in a ball, stretch tall like a giraffe or bend your body as you dance? Come try it out with us as we make shapes and dance. We will be making ribbon wands for you to take home.

March 14 | Rainbow of Colors
It’s time to explore a rainbow of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and many other colors. Join as we learn the colors and sing songs about rainbows. Colors make the world a brighter place. Make a rainbow-colored water bottle shaker to take home.

March 21 | Musical Sounds
Jingle, shake, tap, rap, ding-a-ling, join us today as we explore the many sounds we can make with instruments. We will add a music game where we slap, clap and snap. Sounds can make music exploration fun and inventive. Instrument today is an inventive plate tapper.

March 28 | Yummy in My Tummy!
Come sing songs all about the wonderful food you eat! We will pretend to be a pizza and sing about apples and bananas. The take home instrument today will be an egg shaker.


Farm Country

February 23 | Finger Play Songs
Do you like finger play songs like 5 Little Green Speckled Frogs?  We will have fun singing and learning how to sing a story with our hands and our voices.  Today we will be making frog stick puppets to take home.

March 2 | Count it Out
Songs with numbers are fun to use. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and counting with music make learning fun. Try songs like 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed, 10 little Fingers and other counting songs. Make an egg shaker to take home.

March 9 | Clap it Out
What ways can you make a beat? Clapping, tapping, snapping, or just making a beat with drums. Making rhythms is fun and adventurous. Today we will explore the rhythms that we can put to music. Make a drum to take home.

March 16 | Wiggle and Giggle
When we play music, it is fun to connect with the music by the ways we move. How do you like to move, dance and play? Join us today and explore new ways to move to the music. Make a shaker to take home.

March 23 | Around Town
The Wheels on the Bus go around and around all through the town. Learn the actions to this and other songs as we discover the world around us. Just for fun we will learn Are You Sleeping and learn a variety of new actions to go with this and other children’s classic songs. The instrument today will be a kazoo.

March 30 | Animal Pretend
Do you like animals? Do you like to pretend? Do you like making the sounds of zoo animals like the lion, bear, alligator, and monkey? Today we are going to explore music about animals. Make a stick puppet to take home.


March, 2017: Please note that we have new times and dates for the Curious Critters program. 


It’s not every day you could meet an alligator or greet a skunk. Animals are all around us, some live in your backyard, some live far away, but all are important to our world. Come get up close and personal with some of the most interesting animals you will meet as we explore some of the curious critters that make our world wonderful.

Second Saturday of each month at 11 am: Museum of Natural Curiosity

Fourth Saturday of each month at 11 am: Farm Country



Museum of Natural Curiosity  

March 11 | Animals in Motion- Featuring Wild Wonders
From flying to jumping and scooting to running animals move in some of the best and most unique ways. Could you move like the animals we will see during this month's Curious Critters?

Farm Country

March 25 | A Closer Look at Cows
Things may not be what they seem when you get up close to a cow. This well-loved farm animal is full of surprises! Explore and learn about cows from head to hoof.




March, 2017: Please note that we have new times and dates for the Birdosity program. 

Have you ever wondered about winged warblers? Have you been curious about carnivorous condors? Come explore at our Birdosity program. Discover the life of birds, brush up on your identification skills and learn about a variety of bird related topics. Whether you are an eggs-pert or have a new found love of birds, Birdosity is a program the whole family will enjoy.

First Saturday of each month at 10:30 am: Museum of Natural Curiosity

Third Saturday of each month at 11 am: Museum of Ancient Life



Museum of Natural Curiosity

March 4 | Bird Guides
Ever wonder what bird species live in Utah during the spring? Come discover this and other amazing bird facts as we create a usable guide for our own Discovery Gardens!


Museum of Ancient Life

March 18 | No Birdosity today to accommodate a private event

Beginning March, 2017 Monday Night Activity hours will be 4:30 - 7 pm each week. 

Featuring new activities each week, Monday Nights at Thanksgiving Point focus on a single theme with various activities designed to entertain and educate the whole family.

January, February, March: Museum of Ancient Life
April, May, September, October: Farm Country
June, July, August: Ashton Gardens
November, December: Museum of Natural 


Museum of Ancient Life 

February 20 | Let's Make Tracks | 5 pm
Have you ever seen a footprint in the sand? Check out the awesome dinosaur tracks we have in the museum! We’ll learn how tracks are made, and even make some of our own.  

February 27 | Mighty Megafauna | 5 pm
Travel back in time over 10,000 years and experience the Age of Mammals. Play a game as we examine skulls, teeth, and other unique features. Meet the giant ground sloth and the sabre tooth tiger, as well as the mighty wooly mammoth.

March 6 | By the Skin of Your Teeth! | 4:30 pm
Come investigate dinosaur teeth and skin as we look at the processes paleontologists use to identify these. What did dinosaur skin look like? What does their dental structure tell us about them? Answer these questions and more – and find out if dinosaurs had feathers, too!

March 13 | Fossil Fuels and Energy Today! | 4:30 pm
What are fossil fuels? Where do they come from? What alternative types of energy are there? Come explore fossil fuels and learn about alternative energy sources.

March 20 | Prehistoric Fliers! | 4:30 pm
What flies in the museum? Come and find out about some of the most fantastic fliers that ever lived from GIANT dragonflies all the way up to the majestic Quetzalcoatl. Explore adaptations for flight and design your very own prehistoric flier.

March 27 | Egg-stravaganza! | 4:30 pm
Join us for an Egg-stravaganza as we compare different animals’ eggs. Come have fun designing your own dinosaur egg. Build a community nest, and participate in a unique egg hunt.

Looking for a fantastic Friday night activity? On the first and third Friday of every month from 5:30-7:30 pm, get your game on with a variety of classic and new board games during our Family Game Night. Family Game Night is a family-focused evening for kids and parents of all ages. 

First & Third Friday of each month at 5:30 pm: Museum of Natural Curiosity



February 17 | Twister
Come get tangled up with us as we twist and turn in a game of Twister!

March 3 | Puzzles and Patterns
Can you put all the pieces together? Join us for some puzzling and patterning games at the Museum of Natural Curiosity.

March 17 | Builders and Bulldozers
Are you a builder or a bulldozer? We are playing some construction themed games where you can try your hand at both building and bulldozing. 

Come have fun while innovating! Design Challenge is a Museum program that gets everyone engaging in the engineering design process. Make a team with your family  and join us! Up to eight teams may compete at each challenge. It is free to compete and all supplies will be provided but if you wish to take your project home there will be a small fee to cover the cost of supplies. Come ready to design, build, test and prototype a solution to a given problem. The top three winners for each challenge will receive a trophy and every team will receive a participation certificate.

Third Saturday of each month from 2-4 pm: Museum of Natural Curiosity




February 18 | Pong Circle Design Challenge

Bring your family and be one of eight teams that participate. The United States and its territories contain 169 geologically active volcanoes. Scientists monitor them in order to be able to give timely warnings to people if a volcano is likely to erupt. In order to do this the scientists must use a number of different instruments. Imagine if you had to place a piece of equipment right in the center of a lava flow. How would you do it? In the Design Challenge, teams must devise a way for a ping pong ball to be placed in the center of a six foot circle without any part of a team member’s body crossing over the perimeter of the circle. Everyone on the team must be involved. The teams will design and build a device to deliver the ping pong ball into a cup in the center of the circle. Be prepared to explain your design concepts and how you used the design process. (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Experiment and Improve). All supplies will be provided. It does not cost to participate in the challenge but there will be a small fee to cover costs of materials if you wish to take your project home. The top three teams will win an award.


March 18 | Have a Heart!

Your team will design and build a pumping device that will use pressure to move fluid. Learn about the circulatory system and the effects of too much or too little pressure.

Discover how heart by-pass machines help to save lives by working in place of a heart. Teams will use the three step design process to complete the engineering challenge. Supplies will be provided for eight teams. All teams will begin the challenge at 2:00 pm. Building must be complete by 1:30 pm. Ribbons will be awarded at 4:00 pm. A sign-up sheet will be available outside of the Geometry playground on the day of the event. 

Do you know the people in your Neighborhood? What are their jobs and hobbies? Come meet a diversity of guests at Thanksgiving Point and get to know them and their passions.

Dates and locations vary, see below for details. 



*no programs are scheduled at this time.  Please check back soon*

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