Welcome, 2021 Utah Legislators!


You’re invited to dig into the innovative programs helping turn Utah students into proficient learners in science.

In the first video participate in Tulips Journey North, one of Utah’s premier Informal Science Education Enhancement (iSEE) programs. Dissect and explore parts of a bulb that make it nature’s ultimate gift box. What is the same between a tulip and garlic bulb? What is different? Why does it matter? Prepare to get your hands dirty!

In the second video, Thanksgiving Point’s science educators describe programs designed not only for those interested in science-related careers, but for all students to understand worlds of rapidly changing technology and knowledge.




Still curious?

  • Learn about Tulips Journey North gardens around the world. With this long term data, students explore important questions like, “How do the Earth's different climate conditions affect plant growth?” or, “How does this spring compare with previous years?” 
  • Get more information on Thanksgiving Point’s school programs including outreach programs, field trips, and virtual field trips.


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