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We offer a wide range of field trip options for all students that involve inquiry-based science exploration designed with the Utah State Core Curriculum in mind at one of our FIVE discovery centers.

Virtual Field Trips for this 2022-23 school year are full. Scheduling for Virtual Field Trips for the 2023-24 school year will open in September 2023. 


Museum of Ancient Life

dirt on dinos

at museum of ancient life


Dive into the history of ancient life with Thanksgiving Point educators as your guide! Discover what it takes to be a paleontologist. Enjoy behind-the-scenes fossil prep, museum display prep and other paleontologist experiences. Includes virtual tour of the museum.

Museum of Natural Curiosity

engineering & design process

at Museum of natural curiosity

Take your class on an engineering adventure! Our educators will introduce a scientific concept and a real-world problem to your students. Then, they will walk your students through the engineering design process as they test, refine, and build a prototype. This is great for grades K-6 and helps students apply what they learn to everyday problems that engineers solve.

virtual bug show

at butterfly biosphere


Go live with Thanksgiving Point specialists as they showcase the Biosphere’s amazing bugs and critters. Then, take a closer look at the Conservatory’s habitat, the butterflies that live there, and how our entomologists care for them in the lab. These experiences can be tailored to allow your students to explore habitats, life cycles, adaptions, ecosystems, a butterfly release, and much more. Experiences can also be chosen by grade curriculum or interest level and are great for students in grades K-6.

Farm Country

farm country

virtual field trip


This seasonal virtual program takes you right to the farm, where you will explore the features of live animals, what they need to survive, and how they compare to their parents. Great for grades K-2

tulips growing up the hill behind a fountain

Ashton Gardens

Virtual Field Trip

Take a virtual, specialized tour of the Ashton Gardens in the spring! This seasonal field trip includes a closer look at the 250,000 tulips, 500,000 other spring flowers, and a multitude of flowering bushes and trees. Included with this virtual field trip is a behind-the-scenes walk through the Fragrance, Italian, and Secret Gardens and a look at a few of the critters that live throughout the gardens.