Thanks to sponsorship from the Utah State Office of Education’s informal Science Education Enhancement (iSEE), Tulips Journey North and Curiosity in the Classroom are FREE to every public 3rd grade classroom (TJN) and 8th grade classroom (CinC). Every school district is visited on a three-year rotation.

Tulips Journey North (3rd Grade)

Tulips Journey North is a 60-minute classroom experience to enhance the Utah SEED Standard 3.2.1 with an additional (and optional) 30-minute tulip-bulb planting session.

View the District/Visit Year Calendar HERE.

This program includes

  • Dissecting tulips bulbs
  • Insect life cycle observation
  • Building a classroom mini terrarium
  • Plant life cycle investigation
  • Tulip planting experiment (optional)
    • Plant tulips at your school and watch them bloom in the spring! For this option, schools need to provide an 8’ by 8’ planting space, with soil tilled 6” in advance.

For additional questions, see FAQs below. For more information contact Michele Gunnell at mgunnell@thanksgivingpoint.org or reservations@thanksgivingpoint.org

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Curiosity in the Classroom

Curiosity in the Classroom is Thanksgiving Point’s outreach program for eighth grade science students including a 90-minute presentation (can be adjusted for single class and block schedule classes) designed to enhance Utah SEEd Standards 8.2.4, 8.2.5, and 8.4.5

This program includes

  • Discussions about mechanics of earthquakes that build upon knowledge acquired in 7th grade
  • Exploration of seismic waves through experimentation to identify and visualize primary, secondary, Love and Rayleigh waves and how the move through different ground types
  • Discussions about the history of and potential for earthquakes in Utah
  • Engineering project using problem solving and design-thinking skills to test earthquake durability
  • Use of problem-solving and design-thinking skills to engineer and create a structure that can withstand the four types of seismic waves

For questions see FAQs or contact reservations@thanksgivingpoint.org. Find more information about Curiosity in the Classroom HERE. COVID-19 mitigation strategies are viewable HERE.

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ECO Challenge

This STEM program invites high school students across the state to address real-world environmental challenges by meeting with professionals working in the science and engineering fields in the fall to learn about the needs of those challenges. Students then spend several months designing and prototyping solutions to address the challenges in ways that make sense to them. In the spring, students then have an opportunity to present their prototype products to industry representatives and compete for prizes!

Calendar and Challenges - Coming Soon

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Outreach Programs FAQ

All the programs listed above are free for participating schools/classes/students.

For Tulips Journey North and Curiosity in the Classroom: only a computer/projector system is needed. We take care of the rest!

Tulips Journey North program targets Standard 3.2.1 with an emphasis on life cycles, patterns, stability and change and developing and using models.

Curiosity in the Classroom is designed to enhance standards 8.2.4, 8.2.5, and 8.4.5 with a focus on seismic waves, structure and function, patterns, developing and using models, analyzing and interpreting data, and constructing explanations and designing solutions. This program also helps students understand the essential integration of science and engineering processes and skills

Thanksgiving Point’s ECO Challenge is a cross-curricular STEM program with an environmental lens that builds upon the Utah Core Curriculum standards in English Language Arts, Fine Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Career and Technical Education.

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