Virtual Field Trips

The Field Trip Comes to You

Field Trips are full for the remainder of the school year. Discovery Field Trips are available beginning June 1st.

Bring the wonder of all five venues at Thanksgiving Point right to your classroom with our new virtual field trips! Each venue offers a unique learning experience for grades K-12.

All virtual field trips last 45 minutes within a 1 hour and 15-minute time slot. The field trip must start within the first 30 minutes of your scheduled time slot. The time slots can be seen below in FAQs

Virtual field trips are $50 per class.

Scholarships are available to cover one virtual field trip per grade level for all Utah public/charter schools within a school year.

Schools/classes that would like to schedule more than 1 virtual field trip must pay the full amount 2 days before the field trip date.

Virtual field trips must be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance by submitting the request form. No exceptions.

Reschedules or cancellations of a virtual field trip must be done at least 3 business days before your scheduled date otherwise the scholarship is forfeit. 

For more information see FAQs below:



Dirt on Dinos

  • Dive into the history of ancient life with Thanksgiving Point educators as your guide! Discover what it takes to be a paleontologist, explore how erosion changes the earth’s surface, learn how fossils can be used to make inferences about their environment, and much more!
  • Our fossil field trip is designed for 4th grade classes, while our erosion program is great for 2nd and 5th grade classes.



  • This seasonal virtual program takes you right to the farm, where you will explore the features of live animals, what they need to survive, and how they compare to their parents.
  • Great for grades K-2
  • Coming in March 2021

Virtual Bug Show

  • This interactive program can be tailored to allow your students to explore anything from habitats, life cycles, adaptions, ecosystems, a butterfly release and much more!
  • Great for grades K-6



Engineering and Design Process

  • Take your class on an engineering adventure! Our educators will introduce a scientific concept and real-world problem to your students and walk them through engineering design process as they test and refine, build a prototype, and apply what they have learned to the everyday problems that engineers solve.
  • Great for grades K-6



  • Share the joy of spring with your students on a virtual tour of our Tulip Festival! This tour will introduce your class to the seasonal changes happening in the Ashton Gardens and connect weather and climate patterns to the life cycles and adaptions of plants.
  • Tulip Tour slideshow/video
  • Tree Tour
  • Coming in April 2021


Each school is given a 1 hour and 15-minute time slot. The virtual field trip lasts for 45 minutes and it must start within the first 30 minutes of your scheduled time slot.  There are four available time slots.

Virtual Field Trips are offered Monday-Friday from:

  • 8:00am-9:15am
  • 9:30am-10:45am
  • 11:30am-12:45pm
  • 1:00pm-2:15pm

We encourage using Zoom, but we are willing to work with your preferred platform. 

We will send a confirmation email with all the details including the call link at least 2 days before your scheduled virtual field trip.

Virtual field trips must be canceled or rescheduled at least 3 business days before the already scheduled date.

Please email or call 801-768-4971 to cancel or reschedule.

  • Students will need to have access to paper and a writing utensil.
  • Our staff will provide any additional materials that are not common classroom supplies.
  • Additional supplies can be dropped off to your school, mailed or picked up at Thanksgiving Point depending on school location.
  • Virtual field trips are $50 per class. Scholarships are available for grades K-12 to cover one virtual field trip in the school year.
  • Any schools or classes that schedule more than one virtual field trip in one school year must pay the full amount 2 days before their virtual field trip date.
  • A receipt will be sent in the confirmation email along with the link.

Please only select the scholarship that applies to your school on the Virtual Field Trip request form:

  • Title 1
    • Title 1 schools only
  • iSEE
    • All public/charter schools that are not Title 1 (grades K-12)
  • Utah County
    • Only available for the Museum of Natural Curiosity and Butterfly Biosphere for the following grade levels/Districts:
      • Alpine 3rd grade
      • Nebo 5th grade
      • Provo 2nd grade
  • Tulips Journey North participants & In-Person Field Trips
    • You are welcome to apply for a field trip to visit the Ashton Gardens in person or for a virtual field trip.
  •  Scholarships are not available for both an in-person and a virtual field trip within the same school year.

Virtual field trips are designed for grades K-6 in public and charter schools who are currently unable to visit our venues but home schools and preschools are welcome to submit a request form to schedule a virtual field trip for the $50 per class price.  Scholarships are not available for preschools or home schools.

For any other questions please email 

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