Ag Day

March 20, 2021


Included with Farm Country admission and free for Thanksgiving Point Members


Space is limited. Ticket reservation highly recommended.


Did you know American agriculture not only provides you food and clothing, but also helps meet needs around the world? Ag Day celebrates American agriculture and the important role it plays in our daily life, as well as around the world. Check out and participate in our activities showcasing the many ways agriculture affects our lives.


Ongoing Activities:

  • Window Sill Farming – How can you grow new plants? Learn about seeds and how to harvest seeds from last year’s crops to grow new crops. Learn which plants can you propagate from parent plants. Create your own mini sprout garden that you can take home and watch grow from your very own window sill.
  • Thank a Farmer – Write/draw a thank-you note for local farmers! Notes and pictures will be sent to the Utah Farm Bureau following the event.
  • Plant Dyes – Did you know that many of our clothes start out as plants? Learn about fiber plants and how different plants can even be processed to use as dye.
  • Wheat Grinding & Bread Samples  – a look (and taste!) of the farm-to-table process with a common pantry item.
  • Digging in the Dirt – Growing food is a multi-sensory experience. Get your hands dirty digging in the garden.



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