Backyard Gardening Workshop

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February 29, 2020

Classes Only $5!



The time to get out in the garden is fast approaching. Join us as we celebrate this time of year with our popular Backyard Gardening Workshop. Classes are only $5 and are taught by USU Master Gardeners.



Class Offerings

Fruits and Vegetables

9 am: Grapes

10 am: Fruit Trees

11 am: Brambles

12 noon: Container Veggies



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Turf and Design

9 am: Irrigation

10 am: Turf Basics

11 am: Waterwise Plant Selection and Use

12 noon: Greenhouse for Home



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Trees and Shrubs

9 am: Selected Trees and Shrubs for Utah

10 am: Planting and Pruning Part 1

11 am: Planting and Pruning Part 2

12 noon: Bonsai

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General Gardening

9 am: Propagation

10 am: Top 10 Pests and Diseases

11 am: Flowerbed Fundamentals

12 noon: Terrariums

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