Museum of Natural Curiosity, Discovery Garden

Saturday May 22, 2021

10 am - 4 pm


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Included with Museum of Natural Curiosity admission, Free for Thanksgiving Point members.

Let's Get Creative!

What is Create?

The Create event was designed primarily to teach others how to develop the spark of Creativity in their own lives. Exhibitors (or “Creators”) will located throughout the Discovery Gardens, displaying some of their latest, inspirational Creations.

These Creations could be anything from lifelong hobbies to 2020 quarantine projects. In the past, we have seen engineers, designers, bakers, musicians, and anyone who dedicated their time and passion to pushing the limits of their trade… or even Creating a completely new one! 


Box Competition, 12:00 pm Ladybug Stage

Thanksgiving Point will be hosting a brand-new competition at the Create event this year. It will be a one-of-a-kind challenge that tests even the most creative of minds. And the most exciting part? You won’t even know what it is!

Well, not exactly. It’s called the Box competition, and groups of 2 – 3 are encouraged to apply on the day of the event. Each group will be presented with a box. This box will be filled with 4-5 random items.  Participants then will have 3 minutes to select one of these items and Create a new use for it. After presenting this new use to the judges and the crowd, groups will be eligible to a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Here’s an example: say one of the items that appears in your box is a t-shirt. Some alternative uses for this item could be: an adult diaper, a toga for a king, a flag on a rocket ship, or a skydiving parachute for a turtle. Whoever has the most creative idea paired with the best presentation wins!


Presentation Schedule

  • 11:00 - Creator Showcase
  • 12:00 - Box Competition
  • 1:00 - Spark Science Demonstration
  • 2:00 Maya Tzeltal Weaver (Live Mayan Weaving Demonstration)
  • 3:00 Spark Science Demonstration

Creator Displays

  • Chipman Studio - Pottery
  • Chad Gehring – Canoe Carving
  • Parker – Painting, drawing, sewing, ceramics, pottery, bug pinning
  • Salt Lake County 4H –Keva Plank design, copper tape circuits, squishy circuits, break out boxes, take and make kits.
  • Puppet’s Alive – The behind-the-scenes of puppetry
  • Clever Octopus –Art from reused goods
  • The Balloon Guy – Making balloon art
  • Much More Than a Toy – Bottle Launching
  • Scott Stanley – Live chalk demonstration



Hands-On Activities

  • Cardboard City
  • Learn to Solder
  • Button Making
  • Take a Trip to Mars
  • and more!

The Search For Creators

We are on a search to find those who have a passion for being Creative in what they do! If you, or anyone you know, is a Creator, please invite them to participate or send them our way. Exhibiting at the event is free for Creators who are teaching us more about their projects. We're closed for 2021 Creators, but check back for information about 2022!


Created by Our Creators:

Scott Stanley
Puppets Alive
K Parker
K Parker

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