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Please join us for our Dia de los Muertos celebration. Community members have the opportunity to build large-scale (8 foot table) ofrenda for loved ones in the Show Barn. We invite traditional or contemporary ofrenda that explore death on a social, spiritual, cultural, and personal level. We love for the community to participate but we will have a limited number of spots available.


Ofrenda Regulations & Agreement

Event: October 23rd, 2021: 11am-8pm.

Set up: Set up dates and times are as follows: Saturday October 23rd from 10am-11am. If you need more time, please contact us for alternate times.

Clean up: Clean up will be allowed no earlier than 8:00pm on Saturday October 26th. Thanksgiving Point is not responsible for anything left in the building past Saturday night. Please bring your own garbage bags.

Amplified music/sound: Amplified sound is not allowed as there will be musicians and performers performing simultaneously.

Electricity: Thanksgiving Point will have limited ofrenda spaces with power. Altaristas must specify their power needs in their application. We will accommodate as best as we can.

Fire: Because this is an indoor venue, only battery-powered candles are allowed.

General Etiquette: Thanksgiving Point maintains an alcohol/smoke free environment.

Trash and Recycling: Please take everything home with you, including any large platforms, branches, supplies, etc. We encourage you to recycle usable arts materials and candles whenever possible.

Questions/Concerns: Can be directed to our Signature Experiences team at SigExperiences@ThanksgivingPoint.org


We also would encourage you to approach your ofrenda design in a manner that will encourage community participation if possible. For many attendees, this event will be their first exposure to seeing ofrends so the more inviting the better. Your ofrenda is your responsibility. Though we anticipate guests will respect the ofrendas, Thanksgiving Point is not responsible for any personal items that may be lost, stolen, or damaged during the event. We encourage altaristas to stay with their ofrendas as much as possible during the event both to connect with visitors and share your memories and creation with them personally, but also to keep your possessions safe. If you are not able to stay with your ofrenda, we recommend you check in on your ofrenda throughout the night. Thanksgiving Point is not responsible for lost or damaged ofrenda items.


Dia de los Muertos is a unique and transformative community event and we are grateful for your collaboration and creativity. We thank you in advance for following these rules to ensure the success and sustainability of the event!

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