Monday, August 21

10 am - 1 pm

Included with venue admission and free for Thanksgiving Point Members

Solar Eclipse Party

*We are sold out of all eclipse glasses* 

Come and see the upcoming eclipse in our very own backyard of 55-acres inside the Ashton Gardens. We’ll have a variety of sun and solar-related games including:

  • Exploring electromagnetic fields.
    Using magnets and iron filings, guests will observe a visual representation of electromagnetic field-- the force which affects the shape and size of the Corona.  The Corona is plasma surrounding the sun which can be seen during a solar eclipse. 

  • Sun prints with cyanotype paper.
    Using found objects, guests will use the light of the sun to create images on paper (like a photo negative) that they can take home.

  • Making pinhole cameras.
    Viewing a solar eclipse is made safe and fun with these simple cameras.

  • Nocturnal/diurnal plants and animals scavenger hunt.
    Plants and animals rely on knowing daytime from nighttime, during a solar eclipse plants and animals can get confused because of the change to dark.


Party is free with regular venue admission and the Ashton Gardens provide a wonderful viewpoint for this amazing event.   


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