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About Garden of Quilts:

The Garden of Quilts is a four-day event that includes, classes, demos, trunk shows, a vendor marketplace, meet-and-greet opportunities, and more. The star of this of this event is a two-day, outdoor exhibition of hundreds of quilts.

Set within the award-winning, 50-acre Ashton Gardens, the exhibition will features a thoughtfully curated collection of quilts from artists across the country and beyond, as well as rare access to view some stunning private collections--all on display for two days only. For more information on the Garden of Quilts, click HERE.


Application Process

Each quilter may enter up to eight quilts. Each of those eight quilts will require its own registration form. This form is available online below or, if you prefer, can be printed off and submitted via regular mail. Only forms that have been completed in their entirety--and include a suitable picture--will be considered for selection. We will accept applications through July 25, 2021 at which point we will begin the jury process for selecting show finalists.

All applicants will be notified of the approval status of their application by July 30, 2021. Applications whose quilts have been selected will be given further directions at that time in regard to remitting the appropriate fees and quilt receiving/delivery.

There is no charge to apply for inclusion. There is however a $20.00 registration fee required of all entrants that are invited to participate in the show. Quilters can submit up to eight quilts, the $20.00 fee is per quilter not per quilt. Thanksgiving Point is a non-profit organization and will apply this fee to offset the immense costs involved in handling, protecting, and returning each quilt--therefore making the show sustainable for years to come.

Photography Guidelines

To give us the best sense of your work please upload two photos. The first photo should show the entire face of the quilt (as opposed to draped over a chair, etc.) from edge to edge. The second photo should be a close-up photo that focuses on an approximate 12” square and showcases the piecing and stitchwork. Files should be saved as .JPG/.JPEG or .TIF/.TIFF with a 5 MB maximum file size. Please name the photo as the title of your quilt or in some other way that identifies the photos as yours.

Quilt Requirements

Unless otherwise specified/exempted by category (e.g. “Mini,” “Art Quilt,” etc.) quilts must meet a minimum dimension requirement of 36”x48” and not exceed 110”x96”. Quilts can be quilted by hand, machine, or both. For the purposes of applying, the quilt must consist of three layers (top, middle layer, and backing) with stitching that passes through all layers.


Garden of Quilts requires a fabric label be affixed to the back of each quilt. We ask that this label include the artist’s name, the name of the quilt, and that this name matches the name listed on the registration form.

Selection Process

A committee of quilting and design experts will select the quilts invited to display. Garden of Quilts reserves the right to refuse any piece which presents differently than the photos submitted with the original application.

Selection Process

Garden of Quilts is a showcase of quilting that represents the full span of experience, expertise, and mastery. We welcome all quilt submissions - regardless of if it is your first quilt, or 50th.

Limit on Entries

Each quilter or group of quilters can submit up to eight quilts. Proper credit must be given to each person involved in the creation of the quilt.


By entering to exhibit your quilt in the Garden of Quilts show you give consent for Garden of Quilts to use the image as well as the artist’s statement and/or description to be used in the promotion of the event, Thanksgiving Point Institute, Ashton Gardens, and Riley Blake Designs without renumeration to the artist. This permission extends, but is not limited to use in advertisements, printed marketing collateral, books, magazines, television broadcasts or recordings, multimedia productions, etc. In such instances every effort will be made to credit quilt artist in usage.

Outdoor Warning and Liability Release

The organizers appreciate that each quilt is a valuable work of art and we have processes and systems in place to protect the quilts from loss or damage to the best of our ability. Quilt protection is a priority and taken very seriously by us. Ultimately, the Garden of Quilts is an outdoor event. As such, displayed quilts will be subject to the elements. These conditions can include (but are not limited to): sun, wind, rain, dust, dirt, smoke, damage from wild animals, etc. Quilters enter their quilts at their own risk and encouraged to insure them if potential damage is a concern. Thanksgiving Point, the Garden of Quilts event, its partners, and sponsors assume no liability for the loss or damage of quilts. Each exhibitor will be required to sign a release agreement indicating that you are aware of these hazards, the potential for damage, and accept this risk.

Quilt Delivery and Return

Once you have received notification of acceptance you will be provided specific directions for getting your quilt to Thanksgiving Point.. Options will be available to deliver quilts directly to the Ashton Gardens in person for local artists, or through other means such as FedEx, UPS, or the US Postal Service. Cost of delivery to Thanksgiving Point is the responsibility of the entrant. Due to the large number of quilts, Thanksgiving Point cannot guarantee that any special packaging--such as pillow cases, Ziploc, or vacuum-sealed bags will be returned.


After the show quilts will be processed and shipped from our campus by 9/30/21. Local exhibitors are welcome to arrange in person pick-up if desired during two in-person pick-up events on 9/25 and 9/28. Otherwise, return shipping via an established carrier is covered by the Garden of Quilts. If you desire your package to be insured or wish for a signature for delivery, please designate this on your application. Please note there will be an extra charge for those who select these options to cover the costs. See application for further details.


Submissions accepted: . . . . . . . . . . April 9, 2021 through July 25, 2021 at 11:59 midnight MST.
Notification of quilt acceptance: . . . .On or before July 30, 2021
Quilt receiving: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . August 9, 2021 through August 30, 2021
Setup: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thursday, September 16, 2021 (Ashton Gardens closed to public)
Quilts taken down: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . September 18, 2021 at 8 pm.
Quilt return (in person): . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . September 25 and 28, 2021
Quilt return (Shipped): . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . September 27 through 30, 2021


(Abbreviations preferred)
Limit of 8

(ex: 1 of 3)
(If someone other than application)

(100 word limit, tell us about yourself)
(200 word limit, tell us about your quilt)
Maximum photo size: 4 MB


All accepted exhibitors will be required to pay a $20.00 fee. This fee can be paid through the website, mail, or via phone. More information will be provided upon invitation to exhibit. Fee covers return shipping but not additional insurance or confirmation/tracking services. If these services are requested, they will incur an extra charge to cover their cost.


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