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A lot is happening here at Thanksgiving Point and we’re excited for what the future will bring! Numerous construction and renovation projects are taking place across the campus that will provide richer and more immersive experiences for the entire family. Here’s a preview of just some of the new experiences coming to Thanksgiving Point:

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Curiosity Farms

Farm Country is expanding! Curiosity Farms will bring the science of farming, food production, water conservation, urban farming, animal science, and other key elements of our changing agricultural landscape to life. The new seven-acre farm and learning center will be the most attended working farm in Utah.

Estimated Open Date: Summer 2024

Location: Farm Country


5 Story, Interactive Prehistoric Play Zone

Immerse your children in prehistory at our new five-story, dinosaur-themed indoor play zone. Kids will embark on special quests, unlock the mysteries of the dinosaur kingdom, and navigate through thrilling challenges. From towering T. rexes to gentle herbivores, our carefully crafted environment will allow children to play freely and learn about ancient life in dynamic and engaging ways.

Estimated Open Date: Summer 2024

Location: Mountain America Museum of Ancient Life

Paleo Station & Live Lab

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a real paleontologist making new discoveries in the field? Inside our new Paleo Station, guests will clean and prepare real fossils and experience the thrill of discovery in a fully immersive environment. Want to see real experts at work? Head right next door to the Live Lab and ask any of our fossil curators questions.

Estimated Open Date: Spring 2024

Location: Mountain America Museum of Ancient Life

Ashton Gardens Summer Event

Embark on a thrilling expedition to prehistoric worlds teeming with life at the Ashton Gardens this summer! Hands-on learning experiences allow all ages to interact with ferocious dinosaurs, gigantic insects, wooly mammoths, and so much more in the 50-acre gardens. Play exciting games and unravel the mysteries of these ancient worlds, this summer at Thanksgiving Point.

Estimated Open Date: Summer 2024

Location: Ashton Gardens

New Science & Technology Discover Center

Thanksgiving Point is excited to announce our next venue – a science and technology center for children! With the support of Utah’s leading science and technology experts, this venue will be the premiere learning center for children interested in STEM and will highlight Utah’s role in STEM, particularly how Silicon Slopes has shaped our technological world. With bright ideas and problem-solving at the core of our approach, this venue will be the country’s premiere science and tech learning experience.

Estimated Open Date: Spring 2025

Location: TBD

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