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Summer at Thanksgiving Point means there is no chance for the summertime blues! This year we have more summer camp classes and variety than ever before. Let your child explore space, try their hand at paleontology, program a Lego robot, explore insects, learn the science behind the food we eat, go on a dinosaur discovery, and so much more!

During our summer camps there really is something for every child in your household. Preschoolers can come and join in the fun with classes on everything from dinosaurs to music while elementary-aged kids can participate in day or weeklong camps. There are even classes geared toward middle school and high school kids to surely stimulate and engage their minds during the summer. Thanksgiving Point Members also get exclusive Summer Day Camp registration March 1-3, 2019 during our Members-only pre-sale!

Remember, class sizes are limited and popular classes fill up quickly, so don't delay. If the class you're looking for is sold out, please call (801) 768-4971. See you this summer!


Summer Day Camp scholarships for the summer of 2019 have been filled. 

Preschool Day Camps are offered on Mondays and Tuesdays. Morning camps are geared toward ages 3-4 and run 9:30 am - 12 noon. Afternoon camps are geared for ages 4-5 and run 1:00pm - 3:30 pm. Preschool children must be potty-trained to attend summer camps. Each session is $30. Select your preferred dates below to register. To join a wait list for sold-out sessions, please call (801) 768-4971.

Single Day Camps

Pirates Ahoy
June 3 or June 4
June 3, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
June 3, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
June 4, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
June 4, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Arghhh Matey! Do you have what it takes to be a pirate? Learn to navigate the salty seas as we hunt for pirate treasure.

Super Bugs
June 10 or June 11
June 10, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
June 10, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
June 11, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
June 11 at 1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Some bugs have superpowers—like ants and dung beetles with super strength. Take a closer look at some super bug abilities in our new Butterfly Biosphere.

Flight School
June 17 or June 18
June 17, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
June 17, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
June 18, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
June 18, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT

What does it take to fly?  Stretch your wings and fly as we study all things flight. From airplanes to birds and bugs, we’ll learn the ABCs of flight school.

Little Chefs
June 24 or June 25
June 24, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
June 24, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
June 25, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
June 25, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Is your little chef ready to experiment with some culinary skills? Cooking is for everyone! Learn the art of mixing, measuring, and combining ingredients to create tasty treats.

Day at the Dinosaur Stomp
July 1 or July 2
July 1, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
July 1, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
July 2, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
July 2, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Roar out loud, stomp your feet, and swish your tail as we pretend to be dinosaurs. Spend the day as a paleontologist exploring fossils and discovering the wonders of ancient life.

Farm Friends
July 8 or July 9
July 8, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
July 8, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
July 9, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
July 9, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Moo! Baa! Neigh! Spend a day at the farm getting to know some farm animal friends. Get up close and personal with some of your favorite farm animals as we learn all about life on the farm.

Castles and Catapults
July 15 or July 16
July 15, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
July 15, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
July 16, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
July 16, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Learn the tricks of the trade as we venture back to the middle ages in a quest for knighthood. Step into the
role of a knight as we fight dragons, defend castles, construct catapults, and go on a daring adventure.

Count the Beat
July 22 or July 23
July 22, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
July 22, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
July 23, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
July 23, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Listen to the sounds of math. Get the whole body involved while learning important math concepts such as patterns, shapes, counting, numbers, and measurement through the joys of music and movement.

July 29 or July 30
July 29, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
July 29, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
July 30, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
July 30, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Celebrate water and the many places it can be found! Explore the properties of water as it flows, drips, drops, splashes, gushes, and pours.

Art in the Garden
August 5 or Augusts 6
August 5, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
August 5, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
August 6, 9:30am - SOLD OUT
August 6, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Art is everywhere! Paint, dance, create, and connect with nature through a hands- on, process-driven creative arts centered class focused on the beauty of nature.




Multi-Day Camps

Multi-Day Preschool Camps are held Thursdays, from 9:30 am - 12 noon. Turkey Tots runs from May 23 - June 27th and is $150. Outdoor Adventures runs from July 11 - August 15. Select your preferred dates below to register. To join a wait list for sold-out sessions, please call (801) 768-4971.


Turkey Tots
May 23 - June 27 - SOLD OUT

Come enjoy summer at the farm during our six-week session of Turkey Tots! Children will not only enjoy the company of Banjo the Donkey and our other farm friends, but they will get their hands dirty in the Tot Garden while we plant and learn about the summer harvest.

Outdoor Adventures
July 11 - August 15 - SOLD OUT

Discover the natural world using all your senses as you dissect plants, identify animal tracks, and build your own campsite. This new six-week summer session gives children the opportunity to leap into nature as they explore the insects, plants, animals, and landscapes of our own backyard.


 Register Here


Single Day Camps

Kindergarten-1st Grade Single Day Camps are offered 9:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 4:00pm on Wednesdays or 9:00am - 12:00pm on Thursdays. Each session is $35. Select your preferred dates below to register. To join a wait list for sold-out sessions, please call (801) 768-4971.

Horsing Around
June 5 or June 6
June 5 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT
June 5 at 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
June 6 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT

Gallop on over to the Farm Country and explore how we care for our horses. Brush, saddle, ride, and learn all about our favorite four-legged friends.

Pirates of the Sea
June 12 or June 13
June 12 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT
June 12 at 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
June 13 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT

Arghhh, Matey! Journey across the seven seas as we search, discover, and imagine all things pirate!

Mini Makers
June 19 or June 20
June 19 at 9:00am SOLD OUT
June 19 at 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
June 20 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT

Explore, mold, and manipulate a variety of materials, then combine them together to make your own designs and creations.

Say Cheese!
June 26 or June 27
June 26 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT
June 26 at 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
June 27 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT

Learn about shape, pattern, and color as we travel around Thanksgiving Point’s Water Tower Campus taking picture with real cameras!

July 10 or July 11
July 10 at 9:00am SOLD OUT
July 10 at 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
July 11 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT

Explore the world of robots through science, art, and Bee Bots. From coding to mechanics, discover what robots are and how they are used.

Bugs and Butterflies
July 17 or July 18
July 17 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT
July 17 at 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
July 18 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT

Can insects be beautiful? Which insects are helpful? What do butterflies eat? Found out as we discover a world of insects all around us!

Budding Artists
July 31 or August 1
July 31 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT
July 31 at 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
August 1 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT

Are you a budding artist? Watch your artistic talents grow as you experience the art of nature. Create masterpieces amidst the beauty of the Ashton Gardens through a variety of creative arts methods.

Dinosaur Daze
August 7 or August 8
August 7 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT
August 7 at 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
August 8 at 9:00am - SOLD OUT

Spend the day as a paleontologist while we adventure throughout the Museum of Ancient Life to discover the secrets of our favorite dinosaurs.





Multi-Day Camps

Kindergarten-1st Grade Week Long Camps are four-day camps that run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Choose from the morning session (9:00am-12:00pm) or the afternoon session (1:00pm-4:00pm). Each session is $125. Select your preferred dates below to register. To join a wait list for sold-out sessions, please call (801) 768-4971.

Space Adventure
June 3-6
9:00am - SOLD OUT
1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut? Come explore the stars and planets with us as we learn how to be astronauts!

Super Science
June 10-13
9:00am - SOLD OUT
1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Do you like to ask questions and look for answers? Do you want to perform fun science experiments? Then this is the summer camp for you! Come with us to discover the exciting world of science!

Rangers of the Rainforest
June 17-20
9:00am - SOLD OUT
1:00pm - SOLD OUT

How long is an anaconda? How slow is a sloth? Come imagine and play on a journey through the rainforest to find out more about these amazing animals.

Builders Camp
June 24-27
9:00am - SOLD OUT
1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Welcome all engineers and builders! Come engage in
this fantastically fun summer camp as we build, design, and create to solve challenges!

Lego WeDO Robotics Jr.
July 1-2, July 22-23, or July 25-26
9am-Noon OR 1pm-4pm
July 1-2, 9:00am - SOLD OUT
July 1-2, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
July 22-23, 9:00am - SOLD OUT
July 22-23, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT
July 25-26, 9:00am - SOLD OUT
July 25-26, 1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Explore the world of robots through science, art, Bee Bots, and Lego as we delve into all things robot in this special two day camp. Each session is $75.

Digging Up Dinos
July 8-11
9:00am - SOLD OUT
1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Roar, stomp, and swish your tail like a dinosaur as we explore some of our favorite prehistoric exhibits. We will dig for fossils, learn about molding and casting, and discover what it’s like to be a paleontologist.

A is for Art
July 15-18
9:00am - SOLD OUT
1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Express your creativity through painting, drawing, sculpting, and movement – this camp has it all!

Friends at the Farm
July 29-August 1
1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Our friendly farm animals are waiting for you to make discoveries! Explore Farm Country with up close encounters as we observe the different ways our animals live and grow.

Buggin' Out
August 5-8
9:00am - SOLD OUT

Do worms ever close their eyes? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have 150 pairs of legs? What do Rhinoceros Katydid’s eat? Come discover creepy crawlies in a whole new way!

Single Day Camps

2nd-3rd Grade Single Day Camps are offered Fridays from 9:00am-3:00pm. Each session is $55. Select your preferred date below to register. To join a wait list for sold-out sessions, please call (801) 768-4971.


Out Of This World

How big is our solar system? How far is it from the Earth to the Sun? How did the planets get their names? Join us for a space adventure as we explore the stars, planets, and constellations.

Horsing Around
June 14 or August 2

Gallop over to Farm Country to discover more about how we care for our ponies as we brush, saddle, ride and learn all about our favorite four- legged friends.

Chop Chop!
June 21 SOLD OUT

Cooking is for everyone! Come explore what ingredients go into meals. Learn new skills while making delicious food that your entire family will enjoy!

Butterfly Bonanaza
June 28 - SOLD OUT

There are more than 20,000 species of butterflies in the world. They come in all colors and designs and never cease to amaze! Join us we discover the many wonders of butterflies.

3 Ring Circuits
July 12 SOLD OUT

Why does the lightbulb turn on when we flip a switch? Come experiment with batteries, snap circuits, LED lights, and more as we learn the basics of electrical circuitry.

Project Fashion
July 19 (SOLD OUT) or August 9 

Do you want to be a fashion designer when you grow up? Design and bring your own fashion style to life. You will be runway ready in no time!

Island Adventure
August 9 - SOLD OUT

Grab your boat and join us we "travel" to the islands of the world for a tropical adventure! Learn how islands are made and discover some of the curious adaptations of island plants and wildlife.




Multi-Day Camps

2nd-3rd Grade Week Long Camps are four-day camps that run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 9:00am-3:00pm. Each session is $175. Select your preferred date below to register.

Thanksgiving Point Jr. Explorer
June 3-6 - SOLD OUT

Thanksgiving Point houses several different venues - have you been to them all? We’ll be exploring all of our venues with hands-on activities in plant science at the Ashton Gardens, engineering at the Museum of Natural Curiosity, animal adaptations at Farm Country, entomology at the Butterfly Biosphere, & paleontology at the Museum of Ancient Life.

Boom Pop Fizz
June 3-6 or July 15-18

Do you have what it takes to be a scientist? Come explore chemical reactions, conduct experiments, and solve problems with hands-on experiences as we experiment in the lab!

Designer Maker Creator Builder
June 10-13 - SOLD OUT

Calling all makers! Ready for some tinkering around? Come use real tools & engage in the engineering process to create & construct using common (& uncommon) materials.

Jr. Entomologist
June 17-20 

Do you love insects? So do we! Come explore the life of an entomologist as we observe, collect, and explore the fascinating insect world.

Cardboard Arcade
June 17-20 or August 5-8

Come practice the design process as we explore the world of games! We will learn practical skills such as engineering, measuring, tool use, game design & strategy. Family is invited to visit and play in our arcade on final day of camp.

Exploring Engineers
June 24-27 - SOLD OUT

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an engineer? Come learn about the process of designing, building & testing all while inventing projects of your own.

Wasatch Wildlife
July 1-3 

What wildlife wonders can you find in your very own backyard? Step into the world of Wasatch wildlife as we explore outdoor habitats and have up close encounters with our native animals in Utah.

Flight Makers
July 8-11 - SOLD OUT

3..2..1..Take off! Join in the fun as we collaborate, design, make & fly a variety of projects related to flight!

Classic Summer Camp
July 8-11 - SOLD OUT

Enjoy a classic summer camp experience as we explore the outdoors, learn & play games, sing songs, & make classic summer camp crafts with a modern twist.

City Art
July 15-18 - SOLD OUT

What art do you see in your city? Come learn the role that public art plays in your community and then create your own public art that will be displayed in the gardens at the Museum of Natural Curiosity. 

Plants and Gardens
July 22-23 - SOLD OUT

Come explore the Ashton Gardens and learn how beautiful gardens are designed! What plants grow best in Utah? How do you keep plants alive and thriving in a desert? Learn the tips and tricks of the trade as you design your own garden.

Nano Technology
July 25-26

One sheet of newspaper is about 100,000 nanometers thick. Is that small? Or is humongous? explore science on an intimate level as we observe and conduct surprising nano experiments.

Where in the World
July 29-August 1 

Can you help us travel the world, learn and make exciting discoveries? Yes? Come join us for a hands-on adventure into the world of geography & world cultures! Let’s travel the world! Join us as we explore different cultures & experience their stories, food, art, & so much more.

Jurassic Journey
July 29-August 1 - SOLD OUT

Step into the world of dinosaurs as we embark on a Jurassic journey! Join us as we explore what dinosaurs looked like and how they became the fossils that are seen in our very own museum today!

Single Day Camps

4th-5th Grade Single Day Camps are offered Fridays from 9:00am-3:00pm. Each session is $55. Select your preferred date below to register. To join a wait list for sold-out sessions, please call (801) 768-4971.


Secrets of Magicians
June 7 - SOLD OUT

Anyone can be a magician! Come discover the secrets behind classic tricks with cards, coins, costumes, and props.

June 14 - SOLD OUT

Come explore how electricity works as we make and compare circuits. Have fun, learn, and build as you experiment with batteries, lightbulbs, and voltages to investigate the basics of electricity!

Insect Investigations
June 21

Insects are part of our world whether we like it or not. Get ready to investigate the cute to grotesque as we observe and collect insects from the gardens and discover what connects our world to theirs.

Paleontology Palooza
June 28 - SOLD OUT

Become a paleontologist for a day! Discover how fossils form, how they are cast to be put into museums, and try your hand at finding your own fossils in our very own quarry.

Snake Rattle and Roll
July 12 

How do snakes smell? Do worms ever close their eyes? Why do some insects curl into balls? Come discover a world full of things that slither, roll, and crawl!

What's on the Inside
July 19  

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a watch looks like? What about the inside of electronics? We will explore gadgets and objects by opening them up and taking a closer look.

Island Adventure
August 2

Travel to the islands for a tropical adventure where you'll learn about the fascinating geology of volcanoes and the curious adaptations of wildlife and plants.

August 9

What do 8-bit video games, modern photography & Greek churches have in common? Come find out as we look closer at the little things that make up a whole. This camp will focus on pixel arts in different mediums from mosaics to photography. We can't wait to see what fun thing we will create.




Multi-Day Camps

4th-5th Grade Week Long Camps are four-day camps that run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 9:00am-3:00pm. Each session is $200. Select your preferred date to register. To join a wait list for sold-out sessions, please call (801) 768-4971.


Architecture and Engineering
June 3-6 

What materials are used to make buildings? What happens to a skyscraper during an earthquake? Why do buildings in certain cities look similar to each other? Come explore the process of designing and building a structure as we create our own structures.

Farm to Table
June 10-13 - SOLD OUT

Do you know where your food comes from? How does it get to the grocery store? Come learn the ins and outs of food production along with new cooking skills!

Flight Makers
June 17-20 - SOLD OUT

3...2...1...Take o ! Join in the fun as we collaborate, design, make, and fly a variety of projects related to flight.

Jr. Naturalists
June 24-28 (Monday-Friday) 

Be a junior naturalist in
this partner camp between Thanksgiving Point and The Monte L. Bean Life Sciences Museum. Join us as we explore nature around us and participate in collecting, recording, preparing, identifying, and sharing what we find.

Making of Video Games
July 1-3 - SOLD OUT

Do you love video games? Ever wonder how video games are made? Explore the history of the video game industry and design games using simple programming tools.

Book Botany
July 8-11

Greens, beans, queens, and fairy tale scenes. Come explore the many different plants that have a role in your favorite fairy tales! Everything from roses to garlic to you guessed it, beans, will be investigated. Come find out what it all means!

Where in the World
July 15-18 

Let's travel the world! We will explore different cultures and experience their stories, food, art, and so much more!

Stop Motion Animation
July 22-23 - SOLD OUT

Use a variety of materials and props as you write, design, produce, and record your very own stop motion animation videos.

Nature Art
July 25-26

Explore, discover, and observe the beauty of nature that surrounds us! Learn how to use natural resources to create your own amazing works of art.

Fantastic Fiber Art
July 29-August 1 

Join us in this hands-on camp as we explore natural and synthetic fibers to make one of a kind wearable & fine art.

Wonders of Utah
August 5-8

Utah is full of amazing things! Join as we explore Utah's geological past and future, myths and legends, and historical events.

Single Day Camps

6th-7th Grade Single Day camps are offered Fridays from 9:00am-3:00pm. Each session is $65. Click on your preferred dates below to register.

June 14

Would you eat slime? This camp will make you question everything you know about it? Investigate & explore the stuff that oozes: where it comes from, how it's made, & it's purpose! then we’ll see if you’re brave enough to eat it!

Blow It Up
June 28

Explore the smelly, the slimy, and the up-in-flames. Campers will investigate conduct, and digest with chemistry, explore acids & bases, implosions, explosions, & other things that are chemically cool and hot.

Optical Illusions
August 2

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an... optical illusion? Come explore the many ways our own eyes and brains can be tricked and try out designing your own optical illusions.

Stop Motion Animation
August 9

Use a variety of materials & props as you write, design, produce, & record your own stop motion animation video!




Multi-Day Camps


Click-It Photography
June 10-13 
Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-3:00pm

What makes a good photo? Let's explore the different components to a photo as
we take pictures around Thanksgiving Point and analyze famous photos to find what techniques we can apply to our photography style.

Campaigns Cards and Characters
June 24-27
Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-3:00pm

Do you love creating characters? Is going on a quest a lifelong dream? Learn the ins-and-outs of strategic games as we create our own characters and campaigns.

July 1-3 - SOLD OUT
Monday-Wednesday, 9:00am-3:00pm

Soda and Pop Rocks - what makes things Fizz? Let's explore what makes the fizzing sensation as we dive into the chemistry behind FIZZ and make our own drinks and fizzy snacks.

Tie Dye and Silk Printing
July 22-23
Monday-Tuesday, 9:00am-3:00pm

Discover how clothes get their color! We will explore & learn different techniques for dying cloth from tie-dye to silk printing.

City Art
July 25-26
Thursday-Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm

What role does art play in your community? Come explore public art with us as we observe different types from sculptures to graffiti and then create our own to display in the gardens.

Box Battles
July 29-August 1 
Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-3:00pm

What can you build with a box? Put your skills to the test as we design and build using only cardboard! Will your design survive the battle at the end of the week?

Are We Alone
August 5-8
Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-3:00pm

What a great question! life on other planets, bigfoot, galaxies? join us as we venture into a fictional and non-fictional world where we explore and tackle this fun question.

June 17-21 - SOLD OUT
Monday-Friday, 9:00am-12:00pm

Visit a whale underwater, ride roller coasters without leaving your seat and view worlds you've created in 3D space, whatever your adventure VR and AR can help you achieve it. Virtual and Augmented Reality are two technologies that are expanding the possibilities of entertainment, creating new games, experiences, and therapies. Come learn how to take 360 video, create virtual scenes and add Augmented Reality to the real world. Learn about different VR viewers and build your own.

The Art of Seeing
June 24-28
Monday-Friday, 9:00am-12:00pm

Discover what goes into taking an amazing photo! Explore everything from how a camera works and basic rules of photography to editing and finishing with Photoshop.

July 8-12
Monday-Friday, 900am-12:00pm

Before printers existed, artists found ways to create copies of art. Discover the skill of printmaking as we experiment with screen printing, block printing, and more to design and create your own masterpieces inspired by the world around you.

(Don't) Be a Kitchen 'Impasta'
July 15-19  - SOLD OUT
Monday-Friday, 9:00am-12:00pm

Does being in the kitchen intimidate you? Come join us for a basic cooking skills class. We will learn how to use proper utensils and kitchen tools and cook fun, easy meals.


Click on your preferred dates or times below to register:


Lego WeDO Combined
June 10-13 (SOLD OUT) or July 8-11

Beginner Lego WeDO and Intermediate Lego WeDO combined for a full day of robotics fun! Use your imagination to design and build Lego WeDO Robots and then animate them with basic computer programming. Geared to grades 2-4.

Lego WeDO Beginning
June 17-20
(SOLD OUT) OR 1pm-4pm (SOLD OUT)

Use your imagination to design and build with the newest Lego WeDO Robotics 2.0 and then animate your creation with basic computer programming. Geared to grades 2-4.

Lego WeDO Intermediate
June 17-20

Use your imagination to design and build even more with the newest Lego WeDO Robotics 2.0 and animate your creation with basic computer programming. Must have already attended Beginning Lego WeDO. Geared to grades 2-4.

Lego WeDO Robotics Jr.
July 1-2
(SOLD OUT) OR 1pm-4pm (SOLD OUT)

July 22-23
9am-Noon (SOLD OUT) OR 1pm-4pm (SOLD OUT)

July 25-26
9am-Noon (SOLD OUT) OR 1pm-4pm (SOLD OUT)

Explore the world of robots through science, art, Bee Bots, and Lego as we delve into all things robot in this special two day camp.

Lego EV3 Robotics
July 15-18

Let your imagination run wild as you build a Lego EV3 robot and program it to come to life. Put your new skills to the test and compete against your fellow campers during a practice scrimmage and parade. Geared to grades 6-8.


Multi-Day Camps

Join us for a great week of golf for kids of all skill levels, ages 6-15. Campers will be able to learn and sharpen their skills with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of iron play, driving, chipping, putting, rules & etiquette. We will also be focusing on fitness, STEM of Golf, and core values learned through playing the game. Each camp will be hosted by Class A PGA Director Tele Wightman and his trained team. Don't hesitate, get them registered today because spots fill up fast! Click the dates in red below to register.

June 3-6
10 am - Noon

July 15-18
10 am - Noon

August 12-15
10 am - Noon

New to Thanksgiving Point Summer Day Camps is the option for After Care! After Care is available starting at 3:00pm until 5:30 pm each day of Summer Day Camps and cost an additional $15 per child/day.

After care is not available for preschool age camps or morning sessions of Summer Day Camps which end at noon.


Register Here



You will receive a confirmation email a week before your camp is scheduled to begin specifying which of the locations to drop-off/pick-up your child

  • Water Tower Campus (A): across from Farm Country entrance on Sycamore Lane.  Please do NOT park on the street.  Park in the Farm Country parking lot or the Cornbelly’s gravel lot. 
  • Gardens Campus (B): North-East of the Museum of Natural Curiosity on Garden Drive.  Plenty of parking is available at this location. 

View a map of drop-off and pick up locations HERE.

Preschool campers are dropped off and picked up directly at their designated venue as specified in confirmation emails. 

For any questions please email or call 801-768-4971


  • Water bottle
  • Shoes to run in (flip-flops are not recommended)
  • Weather appropriate clothes to explore and play in.
  • Sunscreen – already applied!
  • Thanksgiving Point Institute does not issue refunds for Summer Day Camp registration.
  • Transfers are permitted up to 1 business day or 24 hours in advance with a $10.00 fee based on availability and any cost difference between camps.

  • Substitutions – a neighbor, cousin, sibling, etc. - are accepted up to first day of camp.

  • If a camp is cancelled by Thanksgiving Point Institute due to low enrollment, all fees will be refunded.

  • Online
  • Over the phone – (801) 768-4971
  • In person at the Museum of Ancient Life, 2nd floor, Design and Programming office

Camp curriculum and lesson plans are geared toward the grade your child will be entering into in the Fall of 2019. If you have an older and a younger child you would like to be in the same camp we do allow older children to attend camps one grade lower.

Registration closes one week prior to the beginning of camp.

If the class you want is sold out, please call (801) 768-4971 to be added to a waitlist.

Camp sessions vary in price depending on grade, length of day, and days per week. Please check individual camp listings for price information.


  • Preschool camps are single day and run for 2.5 hours – 9:30am-12pm, or 1:30pm-4pm
  • Kinder – 1st grade day camps are 3 hours, 9am-12pm; Kinder – 1st 4 week camps are M-Th 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm
  • All 2-3, 4-5, 6-7 grade camps, single and 4-day, run for a full day from 9am-3pm. Some exceptions for partner camps.
  • All 7-12 grade camps are 3 hours, 9am-12pm  Monday through Friday
  • Lunch is provided for all full-day camps and snacks are provided for all camps.
  • If your child has an allergy, please make sure your medical form is up to date and any allergies are clearly communicated to staff. Depending on the allergy and severity, it may be best to bring a lunch from home.

Our camps promote independent learning and socialization opportunities for your child. If you feel your child is unable to remain in camp without you, it may be best to wait a year before you send them to camp.

Depending on which camp you choose your child could be making and programming a Lego EV3 robot, painting with watercolors in the gardens, catching polliwogs and toads to make observations, collecting insects and plants to research, using software to design and 3D print jewelry, or feeding goats and sheep to learn about adaptations.

All of our campers come home with parent letters with additional resources – websites, books, experiments, and activities – to continue the fun all summer long!

Special thanks to STEM Action Center of Utah for their support of Summer Day Camps at Thanksgiving Point.

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