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Experience the joy of learning outside of the classroom! Thanksgiving Point offers a wide range of field trip options for all students. Our field trips are designed with the Utah State Core Curriculum in mind and focus on inquiry-based science exploration. For even more interaction, pair your trip with a visit to the Mammoth Screen Theatre for an educational film presented in 3D.


Museum of Ancient Life

field trips

at museum of ancient life


A field trip at the Museum of Ancient Life offers a way for students to see, touch, and interact with real prehistoric fossils from around the world. Learning about ancient life has never been so engaging!

Museum of Natural Curiosity

field trips

at Museum of natural curiosity


The Museum of Natural Curiosity offers over 400 interactive experiences for students to learn about science, engineering, and the natural world. Curious minds are encouraged and exploration is inevitable in this unique venue!

Butterfly Biosphere

field trips

at Butterfly Biosphere


A Butterfly Biosphere field trip offers students the chance to get an up-close and personal view of insect life. Field trips in this venue include a Thanksgiving Point facilitator who will accompany classes through the museum, educating students on the large array of critters on display.

Farm Country

field trips

at farm country


Learn all about food production, animal science, and more during a field trip at Farm Country. This amazing opportunity brings the farm to life. You can even meet your favorite farm animals, like cows, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, horses, and more!

Ashton Gardens

field trips

at ashton gardens


A field trip at Ashton Gardens educates students all about the world of gardening. Learn about caring for plants, protecting the environment, and more in this beautiful, 50-acre green space.

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