It’s time for Beetle Mania, Thanksgiving Point’s biannual beetle celebration that showcases some of the most fascinating beetles from around the world. Forget the musical icons; these beetles rock their own unique styles and talents, from climbing trees to crawling through dirt and even emitting unique scents!

Meet the Beetle Stars:

1. Small Desert Stink Beetles:

Known for their ability to emit a pungent odor as a defense mechanism, Small Desert Stink Beetles are masters of protection and will captivate your curiosity with their resilience. These all-black beetles can be found across the western US, even here in Utah.

2. Long-armed Scarab Beetle:

Look out for the Long-armed Scarab Beetle, famous for its elongated limbs. These powerful legs are adapted to their environment, making them incredible climbers and diggers.

3. Golden Stag Beetle:

The Golden Stag Beetle is truly a sight to behold with its striking golden exoskeleton and formidable mandibles. These beetles use their impressive jaws to spar with rivals and attract mates.

4. Four Spotted Flower Beetle:

The Four Spotted Flower Beetle is a vibrant addition to our Beetle Mania lineup. With its colorful markings and affinity for flowers, this beetle not only adds beauty to its surroundings but also plays a crucial role in pollination.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of beetles at Thanksgiving Point’s Butterfly Biosphere. Beetle Mania offers an unforgettable experience for families, insect enthusiasts, and anyone curious about the natural world. Visit us and witness these extraordinary creatures in action, and see why they deserve the spotlight in their own quirky, crawly way!

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