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Thanksgiving Point is proud to partner with River Rock and New Earth Residential to bring STEM Outreach Workshops directly to your community. These programs are FREE and offered exclusively to River Rock residents. Programs will be held on-site in the leasing office community center. 


Science Club

5th-12th Grade  
Tuesdays, 2:30 pm – 4 pm  
June13 – August 14 (No Class on July 4)

Thanksgiving Point STEM Workshops: Science Club is a free 8-week program focused on introducing the members to a variety of different science fields and branches with engaging, hands-on activities. Each week, we will learn about a new branch of science, and a professional who has made important discoveries and developments in their field.   



About thanksgiving Point STEM OUTREACH Workshops

Our Mission

Thanksgiving Point is a non-profit dedicated to bring the joy of learning and wonders of the natural world to life. That’s what we do. We deeply believe that there is joy, surprise, fun, and inspiration when kids and families get curious. This is how true learning begins. 

At Thanksgiving Point, we want our kids to be curious. What does it mean to be curious? It means asking questions, hypothesizing, testing, trying again (and again, and again, and again). It may even mean failing. But – when you get to the answer, it’s so rewarding. Our programs serve as an educational experience for kids to get curious about science and the natural world. In our Thanksgiving Point programs, you’ll see curious kids growing every day. 

The overarching goal of our after-school STEM programming is to bring high quality STEM education opportunities to all kids from all walks of life. We truly believe these kids deserve high quality programming catered to them and their niche interests. No matter where these students’ passions lie, we want to show them how STEM principles apply and are important to their success. 

Our job is to help connect our underrepresented and underfunded communities to professional STEM experiences that meet their children where they are. Our programs are flexible and catered to these communities to fill a need and provide free, quality informal education opportunities. 


Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Diversity and Inclusion are two pillars of Thanksgiving Point’s core standards and values. We welcome all and value diverse perspectives, beliefs, and lived experiences. We promote physical and emotional safety and respect. We are devoted to creating an accessible environment for all to celebrate and recharge. We are committed to meeting our students wherever they are. 

Our staff are trained to recognize the students’ individual needs and abilities. We cater to the students’ interests and adapt our teaching techniques to create the most impact. By emphasizing the importance of a student-first education environment, we are able to foster deeper relationships founded on trust and understanding. This, in turn, allows students to form more secure connections to the STEM principles and increases their confidence and self-efficacy in the subject.  



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