Stellar Skies

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August 13, 2021

7 pm - 11 pm


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Ashton Gardens


Join us for a fun summer evening at the Ashton Gardens to explore the intricacies of the solar system and learn about planets, stars and constellations.

A wide variety of science-based activities will be held throughout the Garden during the early evening (7 pm – 9pm). After the sunlight fades (9 pm – 11pm), together we’ll study the sky through the telescope lens and hear amazing, cultural stories of the importance of the night sky.


Early Evening Activities (7-9 pm)

  • Nebula Art: Create art that mimics the cosmos!
  • What Are Clouds?: Be a meteorologist to explore how clouds come to be!


Night Activities (9-11 pm)

Telescopes and Night Sky Observations: With representatives from Clark Planetarium and Salt Lake Astronomical Society, observe the night sky closer than ever before. What can you find when you look closer?

Ongoing Activities

  • Bear's Shadow: Do you know how shadows are made? Find out with the help of bear as we do some shadow experiments.
  • Paper Rockets: Use the engineering process to create rockets that can soar through the sky!

  • Astronaut Training Course: Do you have what it takes to become an astronaut? Test your skills on the astronaut training course.

  • Origami Starfinders: Fold and decorate a Star Finder Game. Learn your way around the night sky by finding some of the constellations.

  • Punch Out Constellations: Bring the constellations to your own hands by using pins and paper.

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