As we get ready to pen the “Argentina’s Niños” exhibit at the Museum of Natural Curiosity on June 8th, let’s learn why Argentina is such a unique and fascinating country. From its vibrant culture to its gorgeous terrain, here are seven facts that highlight how special Argentina is.

1. Diverse Landscapes:

Argentina is in the southernmost part of South America and is the second largest country in South America. It is known for its incredible geographic diversity. In the south, you can witness the ice fields of Patagonia. In the north, travel to the lush jungle of Iguazu Falls. The Andes Mountains along its western edge are the highest mountain range outside of Asia, and in the east, you can see beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast. No matter what direction you turn, Argentina offers breathtaking views and unique ecosystems.

2. Cultural Heritage:

Argentina’s culture is a mix of native traditions and influences from Spain and Italy, reflected in its music, dance, and architecture. Argentina is known for the tango, which was created in the streets of Buenos Aires.

3. Culinary Delights:

Argentinian food is famous worldwide, particularly for its high-quality beef. The traditional Asado is an important part of the country’s culture. The word “Asado” refers to the celebration of food, company, and festivity.

4. Passion for Sports:

Argentina is a sports-loving nation, best known for its love of futbol (or as we know it, soccer). The country has created some of the greatest players in history, including Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. Argentina is also known for polo and has some of the best players and horses as well.

5. Paleontological Sites:

Argentina is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of paleontology. The discovery of several dinosaur species, such as the Argentinosaurus and Patagotitan, has made it a base for fossil enthusiasts and scientists.

6. Energetic Festivals:

Argentina hosts some spectacular festivals, including the Buenos Aires Tango Festival and the Vendimia Grape Harvest Festival in Mendoza, which celebrate Argentina’s traditions and culture.

Argentina is an incredible place with a rich culture. This year at Thanksgiving Point, your family can travel the world without even taking a flight! As we close out Kenya’s Kids and open up Argentina’s Niños on June 8th, make sure to head over to the Museum of Natural Curiosity to see why Argentina is such a special place on the world map.

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