On these summer days, when the sun is baking down on Farm Country, most of the animals are resting in the shade. But as soon as Banjo sees you, he is pressing his head against the white gate, anxious for attention and affection.

Banjo is a Miniature Sicilian Donkey. He came to Thanksgiving Point’s Farm Country in 2009 when he was just six months old. The managers at the time named him Banjo simply because they liked it – and it’s quite fitting with how loud his bray can be. His three foals have also been named after musical instruments. You can even get a pony ride from Kazoo, one of his three foals!

He spends his days playing with his ball in his pen, walking behind the wagon, and talking to the ponies when they come out of the wash bay. Because he is a breeding stallion, he cannot be around the horses, but he still likes to talk to them.

Farm Country’s Guest Experiences Manager says, “Banjo is loud – or opinionated might be a better word for it. He knows what he wants but is also a sweetheart.” He loves snuggles and adores all the little faces he gets to see every day.

Banjo is one of the most patient animals on the farm. He’s extremely gentle with kids and loves getting pets from toddlers. He lets them hug his face and doesn’t bat an eye until they let go. He stars in Tales for Tots as Wonky Donkey and will wear a cowboy hat for guests to pose for pictures with him. He’s so popular at Thanksgiving Point, that he has a fan club of visitors and was even named as Team Member of the Month in September 2021!

He eats grass hay most of the time, but every once in a while, he gets a little treat. He likes Gobstoppers, gummy bears, and Otter pops, and the Farm Country employees love to spoil him. Though he has a sweet tooth, he will eat just about anything.

While donkeys can carry a fair amount and can be taught to pull carts, Banjo’s role at Farm Country is to breed and bask in the limelight. He is an icon on the farm and is a wonderful team member at Thanksgiving Point!

You can visit Banjo at Farm Country and he will always be excited to see you!

Fun Fact: You know the dragon-like creatures from Lord of The Rings – the Fell-Beasts?  The sound they make is the guttural donkey bray.