Whether you have a green thumb, or a brown one you're trying to lighten up, we have the class for you! Each Horticulture Class is taught by an industry professional including Thanksgiving Point Staff, USU Extension Staff, and Advanced Master Gardeners. These classes are hands-on and engaging, to ensure your success in your own garden! For the Backyard Gardening Workshop, check HERE.

Looking for more information about how to make your own garden more 'Water Wise'? Download our handy information guides: Adding Color, Quick and Easy Transitions, and Water Guzzler to Water Wise



Want to try something new? Meet interesting people, explore your interests, or start a new hobby by attending one of our diverse classes. Learn new skills and take home a project of your own work. Designed with you in mind, these courses let you discover your inner chef, gardener, maker, and artist.

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If you’re interested in the art and science of gardening, this comprehensive program is for you. Developed by Utah State University Extension Service, this course will allow you to become certified in horticulture and qualify you to volunteer in Thanksgiving Point’s Ashton Gardens.

Participants register for this course through the Utah State University Extension office in Provo. For registration information use the link below, call 801-851-8479, or visit the office directly at 100 East Center Street L600, Provo, UT  84606.


We offer various types of classes throughout the year, such as cooking classes, craft classes, gardening classes and more. Whether you're looking for one unique classes, or many, we have something for everyone. To see our most current offerings, click HERE.

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