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We design our spaces to go above and beyond

Our designers and engineers are busy creating spaces that do more than meet the eye. Our spaces are designed to build curiosity muscles, encourage exploration, and bring a smile to everyone’s face.



The Museum of Natural Curiosity is a LEED-certified, highly-efficient green building.  That means our certification meets the highest standards for energy and water use, indoor environmental quality, materials used in construction, and the building’s effect on the site. Inside the museum, you’ll find more than 500 interactive exhibits assembled in a way that gives children unlimited opportunities to explore, discover and play.


The museum is designed to stimulate learning and cultivate curiosity through exploratory play. Kids climb through the Rainforest to find hidden chambers or play drums in Kidopolis. They get blown away by the tornado wind tunnel in Waterworks or fly down the zipline at the Discovery Garden. Everything they do helps them ask and answer that wonderfully curious question – “Why?”