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We are all, from an early age, designed to be curious.


Curiosity is essential to a child’s mental, emotional, and social growth. It is a learned skill, and these muscles develop best when introduced in early childhood. Research shows that when young children practice information-seeking behavior, it is superfood for their brain. They light up! So, giving them frequent opportunities to be curious is essential. Science Daily reports that curiosity is as important as intelligence in a child’s future academic performance.

That’s why an afternoon trip to a discovery center at Thanksgiving Point does more for your child than you think.

Curiosity is to the brain what nutrition is to the body. It helps kids grow. Our mission is to bring curiosity to life for every child. Visit us, ask questions, and explore – you’ll always find something new around the corner.



Why Be Curious?

In a hallmark study on curiosity at UC Davis, researchers had participants answer trivia questions while measuring brain activity. When a participant was asked a question about which they were curious, their brain lit up.

In between questions, participants were shown pictures of faces. When tested later, participants recalled the faces shown after questions in which their curiosity was high and couldn’t recall faces after low curiosity development.